William Wraith III


Dan Cook

President, CEO & Co-Founder

“Lyten’s breakthrough technology unlocks nearly unlimited possibilities for innovation and sustainability. We’re partnering with strategic customers to empower their products to change the world”

Lars Herlitz

Chairman & Co-Founder

“To help turn a brilliant scientific discovery into a great enterprise that can truly change the world for the better.”

Scott Mobley


Eric Fick

President, Lyten Federal Solutions

“Every time I talked about the opportunity to work with Lyten, my facial expression changed, my eyes lit up, and my posture improved. I’m thrilled to be a member of Team Lyten…and to change the world from the inside out!”

James Paye

VP of Product/Program Management, BD & Sales

“In my career of 30+ years, I’ve never worked with so many highly capable individuals that have such interesting backgrounds.”

Zach Favors

Vice President of Battery R&D

“Every day we get closer to doing something that nobody has done before in the world of batteries.”

Jyotsna Iyer

Research Fellow

“To build products with novel carbon allotropes.”

Celina Mikolajczak

Chief Battery Technology Officer

“I joined Lyten because Ni-based lithium-ion chemistry made EV’s possible, Lithium -Sulfur chemistry will make EV’s possible for everyone.”

Brian Martin

General Counsel

“Lyten’s “why” is so compelling that, collectively, we eagerly take on any challenges en route to changing the world.”

Penchala Kankanala

VP of Cell Engineering/NewProd Introduction

“The highly talented and collaborative culture at Lyten makes it easy to take on solving the hardest technical problems head-on.”

Alana Alcini

VP, Talent Acquisition and People Operations

“To be part of an environmentally-focused company with a mission to produce materials that result in decarbonization for a more sustainable future.”

Margaret (Peggy) Hines

VP - Materials Design & Innovation

“Turning ground breaking research into a manufactured product.”

Keith Norman

Chief Sustainability Officer

“Being part of a materials technology that can be a fundamental tool in achieving Net Zero. I could not pass up the opportunity to dive in and make a difference.”

James Griffin

VP of Composites, Product Innovation Group

What excites me the most is creating a more sustainable future, enabled by Lyten’s unique 3D Graphene technology.

Peter Schwartz

Chief R&D Officer

“It is not often that you get a chance to create a truly enabling technology. I joined Lyten to advance 3D graphene.”

Daniel Jardine

VP, Sensor Products Innovation Group

“It’s rare to work on a completely novel sensor material, particularly one with such a huge range of truly revolutionary applications.”

Kumar Bugga

Senior Fellow

“Lithium-sulfur is challenging both from scientific and engineering perspectives, but if we overcome these challenges even partially, the rewards will be significant. It is indeed a disruptive battery technology.”

Karel Vanheusden

VP of Product Development

“A once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a team on a mission to change the world by creating completely new products based on carbon, the element with infinite possibilities.”

Michael Walters

Chief Human Resources Officer

Opportunities to change the world come few and far between. I am thrilled to join Lyten and help expand our talent capabilities.”