I was recently able to interview Celina Mikolajczak, Chief Battery Technology Officer at Lyten. Previously, she worked with Tesla for more than 6 years as a top battery engineer and manager. She’s also spent time at Panasonic, Uber, and Quantumscape. She’s excited about bringing lithium-sulfur batteries into a new era at Lyten, one in which they will become critical to electric flight, electric heavy-duty trucking, and more.

“You know, I want to electrify everything, right? And the only way you electrify everything is you go to a chemistry like lithium-sulfur, because that’s when you get to a chemistry that can be cheap enough that everyone’s car can run on a battery, it’s cheap enough and abundant enough that you can make grid storage and things like Powerwalls super available and abundant. So, with lithium-sulfur, you’re really going after energy abundance for the world, which — is amazing.”

Listen to the full podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2Vx37JiG2l68Y623mB3SdR?go=1&sp_cid=0f4b5614a07065e9bc3a381674a15d72&t=2&utm_source=embed_player_p&utm_medium=desktop&nd=1