Net Zero Without Compromise

Lyten is enabling a profitable pathway to net zero for the largest emitting industries on the planet.

At Lyten, we’re committed to creating a world capable of economic growth without emissions growth. A world that is stronger on social, economic, and environmental levels—where even the most vulnerable populations on the planet have an opportunity to thrive.

To reach this equitable net zero world, we need to deliver gigaton CO2 reduction at massive global scale. That will take more than just cleaner products. People need better performing products that make simple economic sense AND are cleaner. That’s why our goal is net zero without compromise.

We strive to use our Lyten 3D Graphene™ supermaterial to make higher performing, cleaner products that are simply better in every way. Stronger, lighter, more conductive, less permeable—all at a lower price for performance, with more sustainable materials. The end results are applications that will improve performance and customer experience, enhance safety, and help us decarbonize our planet.

Our focus today is on the highest emitting, hardest-to-abate industries. Because our supermaterials are highly tunable, we can work closely with leaders from these industries to deliver the specific performance enhancements required to create better applications. This is how we will reach net zero without compromise, together.

Keith Norman,
Chief Sustainability Officer


How Lyten will decarbonize the hardest to abate sectors


kg CO₂ eq

Amount of carbon permanently sequestered for every 1kg of 3D Graphene made from methane.


Reduction in the emissions to make polyethylene polymers with 3D Graphene.


tons CO₂ eq

Reduction in the lifetime emissions of a vehicle powered by lithium-sulfur batteries.


Reduction in emissions to build a lithium-sulfur battery vs lithium-ion

Why is Lyten 3D Graphene so important?

In every industry, materials limitations are a barrier to reducing emissions while maintaining profitability. That’s where our supermaterial comes in. Lyten 3D Graphene is a decarbonization multiplier that makes an impact at every level. From the permanent sequestering of carbon in the making of Lyten 3D Graphene, to cleaner product manufacturing, to the expanding decarbonization impact over time—it’s a win-win-win: for customers, economy, and planet. And it’s our pathway to gigaton scale global impact.