Lyten 3D Graphene-Based Sensors

The Next Revolution in Sensing

Ultra Low-Powered, High-Sensitivity, Wireless Sensors are Critical to Many Industrial, Health & Safety Applications

Lyten Sensor Benefits

Maximum Sensitivity

Lyten graphene-based sensors dramatically increase areal density for more analyte adsorption sites, improving chemical sensitivity.

3D Morphology

3D Graphene-based sensors produce a high-fidelity signal to noise ratio and can be tuned to respond to multiple inputs simultaneously enabling real-time and predictive outcomes.

Sensing Array

Sensing arrays simultaneously monitor multiple inputs such as wear, traction, torsion, or chemical off-gases in Li-ion battery packs or hazardous gases in workplace environments.

Ultra-Low Power, Low Cost

Lyten sensors operate in the microwatts range making them ideally suited for electric and autonomous vehicles to adhere to tight power budgets. The use of roll-to-roll manufacturing technologies make Lyten sensors cost effective at scale.



Ahead of the Smart Sensor Curve

We are partnering with transportation, security, tracking, IoT, and many other manufacturers that want to be at the forefront of advanced materials and enabling the Smart Sensor revolution.

Smart Cities

  • Urban Air Pollution
  • Wastewater Management
  • Natural Waters Pollution
  • Public Safety

Smart Homes

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Smart Refrigerator
  • Fermentation Monitor
  • Food/Water Safety

Smart Buildings

  • Smart HVAC
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Smoke/Fire Alarms
  • Food/Water Safety
  • Indoor Air Quality


  • Oil & Gas
  • Flue Gases
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Process Control
  • Pesticides/Fertilizers
  • Security & Defense
  • Battery & Energy Storage


  • Bio Package Monitor (Blood/Vaccines)
  • Supply Chain
  • Shipping tracking
  • Vehicle Exhaust
  • Cabin Air Monitoring


  • POC Diagnostics
  • Personal Diagnostics
  • Wearable Sensors
  • Smart Bandages
  • Remote Diagnostics
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The Future of IoT with Lyten Sensors

We enable the connectivity the industry has been waiting for.

We also can tune sensors and configurations to meet any unique sensor challenges you may have. 

 We’ve even developed proprietary advanced materials, equipment, and labs to solve the toughest sensor challenges on earth.

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