Sensing the World in Entirely New Ways

Lyten 3D Graphene™ IoT Sensing Platform

Gas & Vapor sensing

Part per billion detection of multiple gases with a revolutionary sensor powerful enough to digitize smells.

Resonant sensing

Paper-thin, dime-sized, electronics-free sensors that can be embedded into nearly any material on Earth.


More sensitive than a dog’s nose, non-invasive biosensing has the potential to transform healthcare.

New materials unleash next-generation sensing

It’s never been more important to measure our physical world. After all, we can only improve the things we can measure. Next-generation sensing technology unlocks new possibilities, enabling us to measure things that were previously impossible to measure—or even imagine measuring.

We use the exceptional electrical properties and extremely high surface area of Lyten 3D Graphene to create novel forms of sensing that deliver high sensitivity and selectivity and can be cost effectively deployed at the edge. The result will be a distributed, self-learning sensing technology for use across diverse applications, encompassing environmental monitoring, infrastructure, vehicles, and more—allowing experts to “digitize” and experience our world in completely new ways.

Extraordinary new ways to experience our world

GAS & VAPOR SENSORS: Ultra-sensitive detection of multiple gases with a single highly selective sensor. Perfect for battery safety, monitoring air quality, industrial gas, and chemicals, detecting hidden hazards and safety issues, and more.

RESONANT SENSORS: Ultra-thin, battery-free, wireless, and super rugged, these sensors can be embedded into other materials—think bridges, building walls, airplane wings, smart tires, supply chain monitoring, and more—to analyze the physical world in previously unimaginable ways.

BIOSENSORS: An emerging capability with the power to transform healthcare. With sensing capabilities more sensitive than a dog’s nose, Lyten’s non-invasive tech will one day enable personal health wearables, smart bandages, point of care diagnostics, foreign substance detection, and more.

Extraordinary new ways to experience our world

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