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Extraordinary Possibilities

Lyten is unleashing a materials disruption to deliver breakthrough performance and a path to net zero.

About Lyten

Lyten is a supermaterial applications company unleashing extraordinary possibilities in our journey to net zero and beyond. Our people are the experts behind Lyten 3D Graphene, a novel decarbonization supermaterial with the potential to disrupt, transform, and enhance nearly every industry on Earth.

Lyten’s journey began in 2015. Since then, we continue to push the boundaries and make the impossible possible. Lightweight cars, planes, and spacecraft that can travel farther, faster, with reduced fuel demand. Supercharged composite materials, made stronger so we can get more from less. Ultra-thin sensing tech that can measure everything from operating efficiency to human health. Sustainable Lithium-Sulfur batteries with high enough energy density to electrify everything. These are the kinds of boundary-breaking, sustainable innovations that will help the world reach its decarbonization goals.

Lyten 3D Graphene is not just groundbreaking. It’s the catalyst for groundbreaking change. As we look forward, our vision is clear: to lead the charge towards a world where economic growth can happen without emissions growth. A net zero world must also be an economically equitable world and our goal is to deliver the advanced solutions that make it possible.


Net zero without compromising performance. Without compromising profitability. Without compromising customer experience. Without compromising economic growth in developing economies. We utilize supermaterials and relentless ingenuity to make net zero a reality.

Net zero without compromises

Lyten 3D Graphene makes the impossible possible 

Infinitely tunable, our first-of-its-kind supermaterial has the power to transform and enhance every material it meets. From ultra lightweighting to high-density energy storage to infrastructure sensing—Lyten is building a new global industry for supermaterials made from greenhouse gases.


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Are you ready to make a difference? Not many companies can make the kind of impact in the world that we can. At Lyten, we’re on a critical mission to drive the world towards net zero emissions and beyond, and we need exceptional individuals like you to join our dedicated team.