Lyten Hosts Booth at 2022 Electric VTOL Symposium

Published: February 9, 2022

Lyten personnel were honored to be part of the Transformative Vertical Flight event in San Jose CA. We attended various sessions, including a very good presentation on lithium sulfur cell development by a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland. Also, we were able to have various discussions with e-aviation and vertical flight airframe developers, as well as government aerospace personnel responsible for assisting development, testing, and certification of these airframes. There was clear interest in our various Lyten products across all development segments: Lithium-Sulfur cells, composites, and sensors.

VTOL developer Elroy Air has just revealed their pre-production aircraft, the Chaparral, an autonomous cargo drone with a range of up to 300 miles and the capacity to carry 500 pounds of cargo. (Photo: Elroy Air)

This new generation of VTOL’s are pushing the envelope in multiple dimensions, and the developers are looking for a variety of technological breakthroughs to enable their ultimate success. Lyten is looking forward to becoming a contributor to their efforts!