Lyten Named a Front-Runner on the NatSec List of Top 100 Venture-Funded Defense and National Security Startups

Published: July 18, 2023

Lyten is honored to be ranked #14 on this list of companies included in the NatSec100: The Future of National Security Innovation.

“The NatSec100 is our newly developed, annual ranked list of the top venture-funded defense and dual-use startups. It was developed to offer a data-driven snapshot of the evolving techno-security ecosystem. The list is by no means a perfect indicator of the future success or failure of the companies it comprises; rather, it is intended to drive conversation around the emerging tech ecosystem in national security. While the DOD has long resisted “picking winners,” the NatSec100 ranks companies based on which are the comparative front-runners in the defense and national security space each year.”

See the list here: