Lyten Battery Manufacturing on 100% Renewable Energy

Published: April 22, 2024

Celebrating Earth Day 2024: Lyten’s Journey Towards 100% Renewable Energy

As the world commemorates Earth Day 2024, at Lyten, we’re reflecting on our journey toward environmental excellence and our commitment to sustainability. As pioneers in the electric vehicle (EV) battery sector and leaders in supermaterial applications, our mission to innovate extends to potentially every industry on the planet.

This Earth Day, we’re proud to highlight our participation in the San Jose Clean Energy “TotalGreen” renewable energy program. For the last year we have been running our 3DG Graphene manufacturing and our Lithium-Sulfur pilot battery line entirely on renewable power.

Leading with Clean Energy

Our partnership with San José Clean Energy (SJCE) is central to our environmental strategy. SJCE, the City of San José’s own clean energy provider, supports nearly one million residents and numerous businesses with options to choose 100 percent renewable energy, sourced from a mix of solar, wind, battery storage, geothermal power, and verified renewable energy credits to offset where renewable electrons were not available.

Keith Norman, Lyten’s Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasized Lyten’s strategy: “As we scale US manufacturing of materials and lithium-sulfur batteries, we must work in partnership with power providers to secure the cleanest power possible. We are committed to our role in serving as a demand signal that power providers can depend on to bring on additional clean energy projects to support current operations and our rapid expansion. SJCE is that partner for Lyten across our San Jose Headquarters, R&D centers, and manufacturing operations.”

Beyond Energy: Sustainable Innovations

Our environmental efforts go much further than our energy sourcing. Our groundbreaking Lithium-Sulfur EV battery leverages our proprietary 3D Graphene™ material, derived from an innovative process that decarbonizes greenhouse gases. By transforming methane into hydrogen and carbon, we not only create a clean fuel source but our Lyten 3D Graphene™ permanently sequesters these carbons.

Furthermore, our EV battery eliminates the need for mined minerals like nickel, cobalt, manganese, and graphite and enable the use of locally sourced materials. In total, we are targeting to deliver a 60+% lower carbon footprint than conventional lithium-ion batteries and deliver higher energy density and lower cost.  

“The reality is “greener” alone does not scale. Consumers demand better performance, better price, and cleaner. We are focused on using our 3D Graphene material to deliver all three in every product we bring to the market,” Keith Norman added.

Commitment to Future Sustainability

This Earth Day 2024, Lyten reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainability. We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn as we continue to pave the way in game-changing renewable energy, proving that significant technological advancements can be achieved in alignment with environmental needs.