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Infinite Tunability

Stronger. Lighter. Conductive. Decarbonizing. With so many ways to tune it, it’s no wonder they call it a supermaterial.

What is 3D Graphene?

Lyten’s 3D Graphene is a material unlike anything else on Earth. Our 3D Graphene offers unique resistive, capacitive, inductive, structural, and energy absorbing properties that can be infinitely tuned to deliver profound results.

We create our 3D Graphene by converting greenhouse gases into solid carbon and hydrogen gas. While the hydrogen gas will be captured for re-use as a clean fuel, the carbon is permanently sequestered in the form of a three-dimensional supermaterial. We call this solid carbon-based material Lyten 3D Graphene™.

Because Lyten 3D Graphene is tunable, it can be engineered at the atomic level to bond with other elements on the periodic table. This can optimize thermal and electrical properties, or customize porosity to improve strength and stiffness, decrease weight, and much more.

High-value applications

The real breakthrough is turning Lyten 3D Graphene materials into scalable applications. Because it is infinitely tunable, Lyten 3D Graphene can be functionalized to deliver exactly what’s needed for specified physical applications, enabling them to be lighter, stronger, and more sustainable. We target applications that deliver disruptive performance, eliminate emissions, and can be delivered at a better price-to-performance ratio. This is how we can accelerate our path to net zero on a gigaton scale.

Our 3D Graphene industrial solutions are manufacturable and scalable via abundantly available greenhouse gases. This makes clean transformation for even the hardest-to-abate industries possible, practical, and economical. The first applications we are tuning for commercial use are electrification, lightweighting, and sensing.

Future possibilities are limitless.

Making economic growth without emissions growth possible

Lyten 3D Graphene will enable breakthrough performance and real-world results. It has the potential to revolutionize how we build our physical world, enabling materials and applications that are lighter, stronger, and more sustainable.

This can change everything. Discover more about our journey to improve our environment, impact lives worldwide, and reach net zero together.