INTRODUCING... LytCell™ Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Unlocking the Potential For Electric Vehicle, Aerospace, & Defense Applications

LytCell EV™ Battery Consumer Benefits

Maximum Range

Eliminate driver range anxiety with our high energy density Lithium-Sulfur EV batteries – developed & tuned for electric vehicles.

Fast Recharge

Lyten’s patented Lithium-Sulfur battery chemistry will enable faster recharge time of less than 20 minutes.

Improved Safety

Lithium-Sulfur is tolerant to failures which cause catastrophic thermal runaway in Lithium Ion batteries.

Design & Feature Enablement

With next-generation EV batteries, auto makers gain freedom to redesign cars, trucks, and SUVs and add features that wouldn’t be possible with legacy Li-ion batteries.

Safe & Secure Supply Chain

Lyten battery raw materials will come from North American sources to reduce supply chain risk, shipping costs, improve shipping speed and support domestic industrial growth.

Cobalt & Nickel Free

Lyten batteries do not use Conflict Materials, are environmentally-friendly, and will have the lowest carbon footprint of any EV battery.

Superior Temp Performance

Unlike other battery chemistries, our cells will operate effectively in cold weather down to -30° C as well as high temperatures up to 60° C.

Multiple Battery Form Factors

Lyten is capable of producing multiple cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic battery sizes for electric cars, trucks, SUVs, VTOLs, and other applications.



Ahead of the EV Battery Curve

We are developing partnerships with visionary auto manufacturers that want to go beyond the limitations of Lithium-ion battery technology. We will enable our partners to become true leaders in the EV revolution by integrating the power of the ultimate battery technology.

Bespoke Battery Formulations

Lyten 4x16 battery pack

Custom Batteries

Do you have a unique battery challenge to solve? We are the company to help you figure it out. 

 Whether you want custom capacity, custom cycle life, custom sizing, or any other custom configurations, we can help. 

We’ve developed proprietary advanced materials and labs to solve the toughest battery challenges on earth.

Battery Applications & Markets

Our battery technology may be tuned for applications in many markets.

  • Automotive EV
  • VTOL Vehicles
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Government/Military